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Pillows for the Military

Our troops are deployed WITHOUT a pipllow, but with your help, newly deployed troops are now receiving a One Touch Pillow. In partnership with Operation We Care, One Touch Awakening is making a difference to our troops fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan. Along with providing physical comfort, each time these troops lay. their head on their One Touch Pillow, they can be assured they are being suported with prayers from home.

Complete this form to submit a name of a serviceman or woman fighting for our freedom. We will send them a pillow and additional care package.

Project Pillows to Afghanistan

Volunteers prepare care packages for our troops overseas.

Volunteers for Troops

More One Touch Pillows distributed to our troops in Afghanistan. Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers who made this possible.

Pillows to Afghanistan

Army Chaplain praying with troops as they receive their One Touch. Their pillow is a cherished reminder hat we at home appreciate their service and we continue to pray for their safe return while they fight to keep America free.

Praying with Troops

Our One Touch Awakening Prayer Network prays daily for our troops. You can send hope, love, and prayers to your special soldier by filling out this form.

Praying for Tyler

SWLA Republic Women hug, prepare, and pray over pillows to send to the troops.

Republican Women

Veterans have paved the way for the freedoms we have today. We never get tired of saying, "Thank You!" Today we presented a One Touch pillow to Commander Jack Young.

Thank You veterans

Catholic school in New Orleans raises money and prays for troops overseas.

Schools for the Troops


Troop Recipient Form

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