We are a GrassRoots, volunteer based, 501(c)3 non-profit organization; giving resources around the world…and encouragement around the clock!

It's a universal truth. Everyone sleeps…everyone needs hope. Our pillows & pillowcases bring encouragement with the message:
One Touch from God is greater than all the world can offer.
We do this by donating One Touch Resources.

We currently have outreaches in over 40 countries. We give to Troops in the War Zone, Human Trafficking, Homeless Shelters, Hospice, Orphanages, Cancer Support, the discouraged…you and me.

Some ministries give Bibles...
Some give books...
We give pillows & pillowcases...

One Touch Awakening

All About

3-Fold Purpose

A Secret Meeting Place

Your One Touch pillowcase is your secret meeting place with your Creator each night.

Prayer Network

Our prayer team is praying for all who sleep on all One Touch gifts.

Nightly Reminder

A nightly reminder: One Touch from God is greater than all the world can offer.

We Pray for




One touch Prayer Network

When our minds are quiet and we surrender to sleep, God can restore and refresh us because our hearts are fully awake to hear and receive. Learn more about our One Touch Prayer Network and the many people who give their time and talents to help us spread the message.

One Touch BOOKS
One Touch music CD’s for restful sleep

Our gifts of hope include:

We receive all gifts and contributions with grateful hearts. It is the generosity of those who come alongside us financially, that allows us to continue reaching out to those in a life crisis. 

Susan Lana Hafner is the founder of One Touch Awakening, a non-profit organization that provides pillowcases, snuggle pillows, and a mosquito net that are intended to encourage people to have a nightly private meeting place with God. She was the co-owner of a christian bookstore for 24 years, and has served as both local and area president with Aglow International. Susan frequently speaks at retreats, churches, and other organizations. She is a lifetime resident of Louisiana.

"Everything I have done in the past has prepared me for this!"

Meet Susan

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