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All resources are given to special projects: orphanages, troops, homeless shelters, human trafficking, and many more.

We do not sell resources through our website, but they are available directly to you through the manufacturer, FREE SHIPPING within U.S., and can be personalized. Pillowcases are proudly MADE IN THE USA. To purchase resources, you will be redirected to the manufacturer, AB Lifestyles.

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To Our Troops

Our troops are deployed to the war zone WITHOUT a pillow, but with your help, newly deployed troops are now receiving a One Touch Pillow. In partnership with Operation We Care, One Touch Awakening is making a difference to our troops fighting for our freedom. Along with providing physical comfort, each time these troops lay their head on their One Touch Pillow, they can be assured they are being supported with prayers from home. Fill out the form below or click the button to give financially.


Troop Recipient Form

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We have received your submission.

“Today I received a package containing a pillow. I have been sleeping on a rolled up towel for the past four months. You have really helped in making this deployment feel a little like home for me. Long hours are put in every day by every one of us. Rest is really needed at the end of the day to prepare for another day. Thank you for your time to help a soldier out.”

From Our Troops


“Thank you, thank you so much!! You don’t know how nice it is to receive a package like this. It just made my day to know there is someone out there that cares about me. The pillow was quite welcome.”

From Our Troops


“I don’t know how to express how grateful I am for the pillow and the package full of goodies. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don’t know how to thank you enough for what you are doing to support us. This is why I am doing what I do, because there are people like you guys who deserve protection and safety."

From Our Troops


$20 send one pillow to US troops in the war zone
$100 sends five pillows to US troops in the war zone


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Bless a deployed loved one in a war zone with prayers and a pillow


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Sending a hug with every pillow...
“Every pillow I put into a box to mail, I sent a hug with it. The whole time I was working on these, I kept thinking we are packing these boxes and the next person who opens them will be a soldier who is fighting for our freedom.” – Becky, Project Pillows volunteer

Our volunteers are honored to support our troops!

Our Project Pillows volunteers are thankful for an opportunity to support our troops in a tangible way. We meet to assemble care packages, mindful of the difference these make when they arrive in the war zone.

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