Some people give away Bibles, some give away books, but we give away One Touch Snuggle Pillows and Pillowcases.

One Touch Book

One Touch Awakening, Author Susan HafnerSusan Lana Hafner wants readers of One Touch to know that one touch from God is greater than all the world can offer. In this autobiography, Susan describes her childhood and early adult life, which revolved around her obsessive-compulsive, alcoholic mother. Lana’s mother possessed none of the skills necessary for raising a child, and growing up as an only child with no one to depend on, Lana quickly learned how to fend for herself, how to take care of those around her, and—above all else—how to keep anyone from getting too close. After finding God she began a journey of struggle, hope, and redemption. One Touch tells the story of how, against all odds, God performed miracle after miracle in the life of someone who possessed nothing but the will to follow Him.