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All resources are given to special projects: orphanages, troops, homeless shelters, human trafficking, and many more. We do not sell resources through our website, but they are available directly to you through the manufacturer, FREE SHIPPING within U.S., and can be personalized. Pillowcases are proudly MADE IN THE USA.

To purchase resources, you will be redirected to the manufacturer, AB Lifestyles.

To order, choose products below or call 1-800-343-7784

One Touch Pillowcase

Each One Touch Pillowcase is embroidered with the One Touch logo on the hem, and inside each pillowcase is a fabric label declaring “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer.” Pillowcases are 100% Pima Cotton and are available in four colors: White, Ivory, Camel, and Sage Green.

One Touch Snuggle Pillow

Includes: Embroidered Pillowcase (“One Touch”) with Travel Pillow (with fabric label inside pillowcase, declaring, “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer,” Booklet “My Secret Meeting Place With God”

Great travel pillow for adults too!

One Touch Baby Blanket

One Touch “Soft Fleece” Baby Blankets are made of super soft fleece and are available in an assortment of COLORS: White, Light Blue, Light Pink, and Yellow. These blankets make a great little gift that baby can enjoy for years to come. Each blanket is embroidered with the One Touch logo.

One Touch - Book

One Touch tells the story of how, against all odds, God performed miracle after miracle in the life of someone who possessed nothing but the will to follow Him.

One Touch Awakening

God's Invitation to You for Renewed Hope

Book by Susan Lana Hafner. Excerpt from the book – “Even though our minds are stilled, our hearts are fully awake. Using a computer analogy: It is a time when God can download into us delete files defrag the confusion of our minds. If necessary, He may even reboot our whole system.”

Package of Hope

Includes: One Touch PillowcaseOne Touch embroidered on outside. Label inside declares: “One Touch from God is Greater than All the World Can Offer,” Book One Touch: The Story of an Awakened Heart by Susan Lana Hafner, Music CD – for peaceful sleep  (30 min.), Greeting Card

Sam the Explorer

Children’s Activity Book – When Sam receives his new One Touch Snuggle Pillow, he learns the difference between treasure and something treasured.

Rachael's Best Day

Pre-Teen Novel by Pat King – Twelve-year-old Rachael lives under the strict control of Aunt Agnes. “I wish, I wish, I wish I had a real family.” Then something happens that makes Rachael beg to stay with Aunt Agnes. “Please don’t send me to that place.” Does God really care about her life? Rachael needs to know. She also needs to know the truth about the “terrible day.”

One Touch Music CD

30 Min., Meaningful Music for Peaceful Sleep. One Touch – Words and music by Margie Fontenot, Recorded by Kay Hathaway. Remainder is inspirational instrumental music.