Some people give away Bibles, some give away books, but we give away One Touch Snuggle Pillows and Pillowcases.

One Touch Prayer Network

Our One Touch Prayer Network is made up of people just like you. Our team regularly prays for everyone sleeping on our One Touch Pillowcases and other resources. We receive many letters and emails from those whose lives continue to be touched by these prayers.

Would you like to pray with us?

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As part of our Prayer Team, you are globally linked with a group of people whose hearts are looking to Jesus, trusting Him to transform lives One Touch at a time, night after night. We ask that you pray a simple, yet powerful heartfelt prayer with us, similar to this:

“Lord, I pray for everyone sleeping on a One Touch pillowcase, One Touch Snuggle Pillow, or under a One Touch mosquito net, that you would meet them at their point of need night after night.