Ukraine Orphanage Outreach

Orphans in Ukraine hugging their One Touch Pillows

Kind Samaritan orphanage is located in Ukraine. What joy the children expressed as they received their One Touch Snuggle Pillows. They were encouraged to use the pillows as their special meeting place with God. Each one was assured that as they lay their head on their pillow every night, prayers are being said especially for…

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SRI LANKA Outreach

Woman in Sri Lanka with her One Touch Snuggle Pillow and food supplies

A woman from Sri Lanka carrying beans and other humanitarian aid. And just as powerful a help to her is her One Touch pillowcase that was given to her in addition to supplies. When the humanitarian aid runs out, she will still have her One Touch pillow reminding her that she is not alone. And…

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NightLight International

NightLight Logo on gold field

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world. Through force, fraud and or coercion people are recruited, harbored and transported for the purpose of exploitation. Trafficking generates billions of dollars each year as people are transported around the world to work in prostitution, pornography, sweatshops, construction, housekeeping, agriculture, restaurants and more.

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Cleft Lip & Palate Support (Teagan)

Teagan with her One Touch Snuggle Pillow at the hospital, ready for surgery

Little Teagan brings her pillow to the hospital for every surgery. Her parents and her brother all use their One Touch pillows too. It is a special reminder that people do care. When they lay their head down at night, they know there are people who are praying for them and for their precious little…

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Breast Cancer Support with Ethel Precht

Ethel Precht with special Breast Cancer Awareness "Pink" embroidered One Touch pillowcase

We are honored to link with the Ethel Precht Breast Cancer Support Group  and others to provide One Touch pillowcases. Each night they have a special meeting place with their Creator and a reminder that they are surrounded by a large prayer network.

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AFGHANISTAN – Supporting our Troops with Project Pillows

Troops in Afghanistan receiving their One Touch pillows from home!

Our troops are deployed WITHOUT a pillow, but with your help, newly deployed troops are now receiving a One Touch Pillow. In partnership with Operation We Care, One Touch Awakening is making a difference to our troops fighting for our freedom in Afghanistan. Along with providing physical comfort, each time these troops lay their head…

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