Foster Children Prayer Pillows

Napa Valley Republican Women Federated holding OneTouch Prayer Pillows. These ladies are working with the Napa Valley Foster Children and One Touch Awakening to provide hope.
Napa Valley Republican Women Federated holding OneTouch Prayer Pillows.

The Napa Valley Republican Women Federated donates personalized prayer pillows to the Napa Foster Kids program. Pillows come embroidered with each child’s name. Cathy Bickford (foster care mom) receives the pillows to distribute to foster children. One Touch pillows are a secret meeting place with our Creator. They remind foster children that they are never alone. Someone is always praying for them. The pillows are a reminder that one touch from God is greater than all the world can offer.

One Touch works with various groups to spread a message of hope. One Touch is an active supporter of the military. We also provide pillows for orphanages, homeless shelters, and much more. See how you can get involved today! You can also donate to help sustain this beautiful ministry.

The One Touch pillow ministry revolves around connecting with Christ. A dedicated Prayer Network prays nightly for every recipient of a One Touch pillow. The prayer is simply that God would meet each person in the quiet of the night at the point of their need. To learn more about this mission, join our prayer network, or send pillows to those in need, visit

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