One Touch Reawakened

To all of our beloved supporters, we’ve been quiet, but we’re back with a renewed enthusiasm! Our visionary leader, Susan Hafner is excited to reawaken this ministry to its fullest potential. One Touch Awakening has never wavered in its vision. However, certain obstacles have slowed our momentum. We still believe, more than ever, that One Touch from God is greater than all the world can offer.


Two years ago, Hurricane Laura smashed into the Gulf Coast with the eye headed straight for Lake Charles, LA. Additionally, Covid-19 changed everything! When all of the storms settled, our community was left in total disarray and nothing was left unaffected, including One Touch Awakening. As a result, many of our volunteers were displaced from their homes for months. But now, here we are two years later: our community still rebuilding, our hearts stronger, and our devotion to One Touch Awakening completely reawakened!

Hurricane Laura covers the Gulf of Mexico in 2020; headed straight for
Lake Charles, LA, and the entire Gulf Coast region.


Watch for many new and exciting developments over the coming weeks. Check out ongoing changes to our website at In addition to our previous content, we will be adding new outreach projects, insightful blog posts, donation opportunities, and downloadable content. We will also be setting up an online community for members of our prayer network. They will be able to connect and share their involvement with One Touch Awakening. It’s time to make our impact go viral as our vision reaches the entire world.

Finally, we are pleased to introduce new faces who are ready and willing to carry forward the vision of One Touch into a new generation of world-changers. In May of 2022, Anna Guidroz joined One Touch as an Outreach Coordinator. She is in charge of web design, social media relations, blogging, project planning, and outreach. Anna will become a new voice for One Touch ministries. She has a passion for ministry, an intelligent insight into God’s Word, and a profound impact on those around her. Anna is a pastor’s wife, mother of five, worship leader, writer, counselor, and teacher. Her entire family has a genuine love for God and growing His Kingdom. 

Fun Facts:

Hobbies: Photography and playing piano
Children: 16, 15, 5, 3, <1 (Bigs & Littles)
Favorites: crawfish, travel, friends
Aversions: spicy food, flying
Color: Purple
Scripture: Philippians 4:11 – Be content


So now we ask, as you always have, cover us in prayer as we embark on this reawakened journey. Pray that every night as we lay our heads to sleep, God directs us to those who need to experience the influence of His touch. Pray that our pillow ministry continues to thrive and that we influence those in need through prayer. Finally, pray that we can grow and serve our world as God intended. Thank you for your patience and support as we’ve navigated this difficult period.

If you want to become more involved with One Touch ministries or to learn more, visit us at

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