Ukraine Orphanage Outreach

One Touch Awakening Outreaches

Kind Samaritan orphanage is located in Ukraine. What joy the children expressed as they received their One Touch Snuggle Pillows. They were encouraged to use the pillows as their special meeting place with God. Each one was assured that as they lay their head on their pillow every night, prayers are being said especially for them.

These children commonly struggle with a sense of abandonment. Either their parents were addicted to drugs, were abusive, incarcerated, or deceased. Whatever the situation, they were left by those who should have loved them most. As they received each pillow, the children were reminded of how much God loves them, as well as what His Touch can for each of them.” – Dan & Barb Ho, ministers to Ukraine who helped make this project possible.


SRI LANKA Outreach

One Touch Awakening Outreach

A woman from Sri Lanka carrying beans and other humanitarian aid. And just as powerful a help to her is her One Touch pillowcase that was given to her in addition to supplies. When the humanitarian aid runs out, she will still have her One Touch pillow reminding her that she is not alone. And now it’s just between her and her Creator one night at a time, night after night. She has a reminder of God’s love for her in the quiet of the night.



One Touch Awakening Outreaches

Janet Mangum reported “It was a very moving time in the Lord.” The pillows were given to mayors, vice-mayors, city administrators, pastors and their families, team members, and youth & conference attendees. Every time a pillow was gifted, the heart of One Touch Awakening was also shared. There was an unexpected level of appreciation, often with tears, immediate snuggles with the pillow, and times of meditation and intimacy with the Lord!

Over 240 One Touch pillows and pillowcases were transported to the Legaspi area by Aglow International Transformation Outreach Evangelism Team, partnering with CMC Philippines and local pastors. After receiving the pillow and prayer, one government official commented he had “goose bumps.” He expressed how grateful he was for the pillow – for its meaning, and for intercession both in the moment and upcoming. One of the Filipino leaders told us some were asking for a two-touch instead of one touch…meaning, “Could we have another for our family please?”



MOLDOVA – Caring for Victims of Human Trafficking

One Touch Awakening Outreaches

Teaming with ministries across America and internationally, One Touch Awakening is providing One Touch Pillowcases and One Touch Snuggle Pillows for orphanages and shelters focusing on the complex issues of human trafficking worldwide.

Moldova is the engine of the sex traffic machine across Europe. Countless girls are kidnapped or tricked into leaving the country. Hours later they are shipped to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and other nations where they are beaten, drugged and forced into prostitution. –

The cold land of Moldova—a landlocked country in Eastern Europe located between Romania and the former Soviet Union—is the focus of Stella’s Voice & Philip Cameron, one of our newest ministry connections providing our resources. When trafficked, you have nothing of your own. Nothing belongs to you. A One Touch Snuggle Pillow can be their comfort and secret meeting place with their Creator night after night. One Touch Awakening is providing One Touch Pillowcases for beds and One Touch Snuggle Pillows for those exploited by human trafficking.

It is a global problem. Yet we often think it only happens “somewhere else.”

Contrary to a common assumption, human trafficking is not just a problem in other countries. Cases of human trafficking have been reported in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and some U.S. territories. – U.S. Dept of Education 2011

One Touch Awakening is working with organizations here in the states to support and comfort those who have been victimized by this modern-day slavery.