• Some people give away bibles, some give away books, but we give away One Touch Snuggle Pillows and Pillowcases.

    Watch our video to learn more about this powerful connection with your Creator.

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  • Supporting Our Troops

    Sending One Touch Pillows to Afghanistan

    Our troops are deployed without a pillow, but through Project Pillows, they now are receiving one.

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  • One Touch

    By Susan Lana Hafner, founder of One Touch Awakening, Inc.

    With heartbreaking honesty, Susan’s story is proof that God loves us as we are and just one touch from Him can transform any life.

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One Touch Pillowcases

Solomon said, though I sleep, my heart is awake. (Song of Solomon 5:2) Don’t waste a third of your life! Nighttime is a great time for inspiration. Even though our minds are stilled, our hearts are fully awake. A pillow can certainly be your personal meeting place with your Creator night after night.
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One Touch Snuggle Pillows

For children, this little pillow is their secret meeting place with God. If you are afraid of the dark, if someone has hurt your feelings, if someone has made you mad, this is the place to talk things over with God. It’s not a magic pillow. It’s much is your secret meeting place with God.
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One Touch Mosquito Nets

Many in the world can’t sleep for fear of life- threatening malaria, transmitted through mosquitoes. Malaria is a Global Problem One Touch Awakening and His Nets partner to fight malaria one net at a time. His Nets reports: Globally, 500 million people are infected with malaria every year. Over 1 million people die from malaria annually.
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3-fold Purpose of One Touch Pillowcase & Resources

Secret Meeting Place

Secret Meeting Place with God - One Touch Pillowcase

Nightly Reminder

Your One Touch pillowcase is your secret meeting place with your Creator each night.
Our prayer network is praying for all who sleep on One Touch Pillowcases, One Touch Snuggle Pillows, and under One Touch mosquito nets
A nightly reminder: One Touch from God is greater than all the world can offer (see tag inside pillowcase and "One Touch" is embroidered on outside)

Supporting our Troops with Comfort from Home

Our troops are deployed WITHOUT a pillow, but with your help, newly deployed troops are now receiving a One Touch Pillow. Along with providing physical comfort, each time these troops lay their head on their One Touch Pillow, they can be assured they are being supported with prayers from home.

Why we give One Touch Pillows. You can too!